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Our Mission

Younity’s vision is to bring youth-centered programs to Central Oregon and beyond.

The Problem:

Too often anti-bullying efforts are limited to reactionary punishment after damage is done.  School communities need a proactive approach that empowers both youth and adults.

The Challenge:

 In order to flourish in life, youth need:

  • Coping skills and tools to deal with emotions and social situations
  • Resources to help them overcome difficult times
  • The ability to identify strengths
  • And to feel empowered to use their voice and make changes in their community 

Our Solution:

Younity’s pro-active bully prevention efforts focus on identifying the underlying causes of violent and destructive behavior while empowering both youth and adults to make a difference in their own communities.

  • Ensure students, school staff, and parents are educated about the current realities of bullying and methods to counteract bullying before it begins.
  • Through programs such as Younity Inspiration Day and Kindness Programs, students are put in control of the conversation. Each program serves as the catalyst for compassionate interaction between individuals. 

The Team

Carol L. Oxenrider
CEO and Co-Founder
Arlene Gibson
Co-Founder and President
Barbara Seaman
Holistic Financial Advisor
Michelle (Shelly) Rea
Principal Broker / Realtor
Claire Schiemer
Mental Health Counselor
Terri Nichols
Angie Ballou
Bank Manager
Selene Kinyon
Digital Marketing and Business Consultant
Noah Nelson
Freelance Writer